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Dear Friends in Christ Jesus: 

This Lent, the parish will use our Thursdays-in-Lent to begin Becoming the Story We Tell. This is a  diocesan program adapted for our use from a program of the same name in use in The Church of Canada. 

We long have sought to evangelize the World in Jesus’ Name, telling the story of His Life and Death and Resurrection. It is a compelling story, and telling it is central to our witness. But the gap between the claims of story we tell and the claims of the story on our own personal lives is the place where the Church has not connected well with the World in any generation, and certainly in ours. It is one thing to tell the story boldly, because we know it so well, and it is quite another thing to tell the story simply demonstrating it in who we are. The jargon is clear: it is easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk, and too often we do what’s easier. That’s what Becoming the Story We Tell is about. We are invited to tell the story by being it…conveying who we are becoming in Jesus rather than what we know about His story. This is a costly witness that requires much of each of us; it is also the best and most authentic way to speak of Jesus in the World…speaking for Jesus in the World with a life that demonstrates how the story has touched us. 

2016’s Thursdays-in-Lent are 18 and 25 February, and 3, 10 and 17 March. Suzette Whiting is already organizing the various ministries that will host the evenings. Please be quick and positive in responding to her when she contacts you. 

I am excited by this opportunity. It is rich and it is easily accessible. Certainly it challenges everyone who participates, but it also is deeply encouraging. I look forward to leading this program; please join me. 

Love you. See you in Church. 


Winter 2016

​9:30 AM | Sunday Holy Eucharist, alternating Rites I & 2 ~ with music

8 AM | Tuesday Lectionary Study Group
12 PM | Wednesday Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

Perhaps you're a visitor on Long Beach Island. Maybe you haven't been in Church for a while and would like to start back. Whatever is going on in your life, you are welcome at Holy Innocents. Your past affiliations don't mean nearly as much to us as your present affiliation with us. 

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