On Saturday, June 20, John Wall was the crucifer at the Cathedral in Trenton.  
The service was to recognize people with disabilities who
​actively participate in their own parish.
​He was truly thrilled by the honor. 

Summer 2015

7:30 AM | Sunday Holy Eucharist, Rite I ~ no music 

9:30 AM | Sunday Holy Eucharist, alternating Rites I & 2 ~ with music
8 AM | Tuesday Lectionary Study Group
12 PM | Wednesday Holy Eucharist in the Chapel

Perhaps you're a visitor on Long Beach Island. Maybe you haven't been in Church for a while and would like to start back. Whatever is going on in your life, you are welcome at Holy Innocents. Your past affiliations don't mean nearly as much to us as your present affiliation with us. 

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The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

The Adult Bible Study Group will begin a new study on July 21. We will be reading Hebrews with the assistance of a book by Roy Sano, Strangers in the Gate. Please let the office know if you would like to get a copy of the book and join us at 8 am on Tuesday mornings

Dear Friends:

Among the graces of advancing age are more frequent and lengthy glimpses of the staggering vastness of what I don’t know. I swear, the longer I go on the less I know. It is this spirit that compels me to read and study, to cultivate the life of the mind and join that life to persistent physical activity, and go to school. While I long have loved and worked upon wooden boats, it is not my love of them but rather my ignorance of them that makes studying boatbuilding sensible.

I’ve only been here for a couple of days as the deadline for July’s newsletter arrives, so as this is written to you I know very little more now than I did 48 hours ago. But here are three things I do know:

          Harry Bryan cares about how a shop pencil is sharpened; in class today we covered getting a pencil sharpened properly so that the lines one lays out are crisp, sharp and useful. Harry laments the declining quality of currently produced pencil sharpeners, and will sweat a bronze collar inside the housing of a new pencil sharpener so that it holds the pencil properly; that way the sharpener produces a round, sharp point with pencil cedar uniformly holding the lead rather than being higher to one side of the lead than the other. While the sharpness of a pencil and the sharpness of a smoothing plane do not have equal moral weight for Harry, the pencil is important, and it is important enough to talk about.

          Harry Bryan says of himself, “I built my first boat when I was 10, my first that floated when I was 12, and the first that didn’t leak when I was 15….and I successfully resisted being formally educated at the University of Vermont.”

          I want to be Harry Bryan when I grow up.

Harry does not live with hand tools as a body of knowledge or an array of inanimate objects- he lives with them as friends. It is a privilege to work with a man who has forgotten more about hand tools than any ten other people will ever know. I am not alone in this sentiment. There is a Dutchman in my classa citizen of The Netherlands who made a transatlantic flight to be here this week to work with Harry Bryan!

Harry is a blessing. He’s a living breathing encouragement, and a reminder always to immerse myself in what I love. Gifted leaders are people who are passionate for what they do; they make the World a better place by authentically being who they are, and their passion is as contagious as their formal knowledge is compelling. That’s who Harry is, and the first and most profound lesson he teaches is simply to learn it, love it, and live it.

Perhaps that’s not a lot to know after 48 hours of boat school, but it sure feels like plenty enough to me.

Please pray for me.

Love you. See you in Church.

FBC3+, Brooklin, Maine© 2015 Frank B. Crumbaugh III