The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

New Altar Cloth in Memory of Bob Bregler

   Bicentennial Veterans’ Park
Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey

 Let us pray. 

Gracious God, we place ourselves before you remembering that they died wearing our uniform, whether or not we, or they, supported the war they fought or endorsed the politics that put them in harm’s way. They died. 

They died young and away from home, the hopes of their lives barely imagined and wholly unrealized. They died perhaps older, living lives that were manifesting their dreams in the warmth and love of parents, partners and children very much alive. They died. 

They died in the freezing mud of trench dugouts. They died below deck in pitch black spaces where they felt the water rising around them, knowing they had no escape. They died under the open sky in misery, limbs broken and wounds ebbing away from them their lives. They died with a flickering hope that the jostling stretcher-bearers might get them to the surgeon in time. They died crying out in agony, they died praying, or unsure of you, they died simply whispering to the universe itself, “Why?” They died. 

The truly fortunate among them heard not the shot that killed them, nor had time enough even to feel pain before the blackness. They died. They died, and lie where they fell, or in neat ranks that their training would recognize. They died and lie in the trackless depths, amid the wreckage of their ship, in solemn community with their shipmates. They died, some so viciously that their remains if honored at all, were recognizable only to you. They died.

We are here to honor them. We are here to remember them. We are in this place at this time to do these things, and we not worthy nor have we words worthy to acknowledge their deaths beyond, “Thank you.” Prompt in us daily those words; animate us daily with actions that give evidence of our thanks, and inspire us daily to have courage that even dimly emulates theirs. 

Rest eternal grant to them, O Lord. Let light perpetual shine upon them. May their souls, by their sacrifice and your mercy, rest in peace. Amen.

The Rev’d Frank B. Crumbaugh III, Rector Quartus
The Episcopal Church of The Holy Innocents
Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey


© 2017   Frank B Crumbaugh III

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