The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

Altar Guild & Eucharistic Ministry

Recently Melissa and I attended World Day of Prayer in Waretown and commented on how bright their flags were on their altar. I casually mentioned this and immediately two families wanted to give us new flags.

The American flag was given by Suzette and Kneeland Whiting in memory of their grandson, Jonathan MacCrea.

The Episcopal flag was given by Chris and Barry Burlaga in memory of Chris’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hanson.

We thank both families for their generosity. The flags were blessed at the 9:30 Memorial Day service.

Thank you, Jackie Sparks and Melissa Wall, co-directors 

All Saints’ Day is a major feast day in the Episcopal Church.

It is celebrated on the first Sunday in November, this year, Sunday, November 4th .

This day we honor our loved ones who have passed away.

Remembering them through a gift to the Altar Guild will allow us to continue to provide the elements needed in our worship services. These include candles, wine, wafers, host wafers, new linen when needed, flowers, oil for candles, care of vestments, etc.

Your gift to the Altar Guild will insure the setting of the Lord’s Table.

Checks may be made out to Holy Innocents with a memo to All Saints’ Day.

Memorials received by Thursday, November 1st will be acknowledged in the All Saints’ Sunday leaflet.