The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

Altar Guild & Eucharistic Ministry

Recently Melissa and I attended World Day of Prayer in Waretown and commented on how bright their flags were on their altar. I casually mentioned this and immediately two families wanted to give us new flags.

The American flag was given by Suzette and Kneeland Whiting in memory of their grandson, Jonathan MacCrea.

The Episcopal flag was given by Chris and Barry Burlaga in memory of Chris’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hanson.

We thank both families for their generosity. The flags were blessed at the 9:30 Memorial Day service.

Thank you, Jackie Sparks and Melissa Wall, co-directors 



A number of years ago, Marilyn Thomas conceived a Flower Committee to make flower arrangements to grace our Altar each Sunday. In addition we put the branches on the Altar for Lent, palms for Palm Sunday, and decorate the church for Easter and Christmas.  I hope all of you have enjoyed these efforts, I know the committee has enjoyed doing it. If you enjoy flowers and perhaps arranging flowers for your own dinner table, you will enjoy beautifying the Altar.  Please don’t be uneasy, you can work with one of us until you feel comfortable enough doing arrangements on your own.

We continue the loving practice of making contributions towards Flowers, Altar Candle Oil, or Sanctuary Candles to celebrate a special birthday or occasion, to honor someone special, or to remember family and friends who are no longer with us. 

​These are weekly opportunities. Those contributing and those remembered will be recognized in the specified Sunday Bulletin.  The 2016 calendar for Altar Donations is available in the ambulatory between the sanctuary and Martin Hall.  The costs are: $40 for a container of flowers $10 for the Sanctuary Candle $5 for the Altar Candle oil

For more information, please call

Carol Hammmond 492-3265