This fall has been very busy around Holy Innocents where six Wednesday work sessions took place and over 160 hours were donated, sprucing up the Rectory and Church grounds. We want to recognize and thank those who participated: Bruce Hillyer, Bill Kehr, Bill Cowper, Tom Jacobsen, Rich Neff, Barry Longenbach, King Sparks, Fran Kleber, Bill Pilling, John Coyle, Rich Cashel & Larry Peacock. After a holiday hiatus, we will be back at it in the new year!

A leak was discovered around the chimney in the boiler room and since the chimney is no longer in use it was recommended that it be removed. Roofer, Chuck Roth and Mason, Al Merideth completed the task the first week of December. A big thank you to Chuck who did his “apprenticeship” as a union roofer in Philadelphia for 25 years before starting his business on LBI, spending lots of time on church roofs. A very busy man, Chuck dropped what he was doing several times and came to the church to address the problem personally.  


The rectory, a precious gift from Mrs. Pharo in 1964, needs refurbishment, and our next big project is the replacement of the kitchen as we continue to get the house “ready for company” and good-to-go for another generation. 

We are planning to expand and renovate the Rectory Kitchen. The current kitchen in the Rectory is very small, confined and dated. 

An architect has prepared a plan to remove a wall and create an open concept living area that families are looking for today. 

We believe that this improvement will make Holy Innocents even more attractive to candidates to be our rector. 

Some of the cabinets have already been donated and the additional estimated costs are $30,500. If you can do so, please give some thought to making a legacy donation to an effort that will meaningfully influence the future of our parish. We hope to begin the renovations late this Fall. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact 

Larry Peacock, 609-226-7719 or email at

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents