The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 












Spiritual Discernment Is The Search To

Discover God’s Will For Us


Discernment Committee Report

Profile, Search and Transition


On Thursday February 8th, a joint meeting of the Wardens,
Vestry and Discernment Committee took place at Holy Innocents.

Bishop Stokes and Cannon Brain Jemmott, from the diocese, were in attendance to introduce all members to the Discernment process. This was a very productive meeting
with a number of important questions asked and answered.

Within the next few weeks diocesan staff members will be arriving to
perform a “Parish Assessment” in order for the Profile Committee to begin its work.

Please remember that Discernment is a process.
We are not looking at the process as a business decision, but as a Godly one.

The process has begun!!!

Regular updates will be circulated in the Parish Post, as well as in church.

Your Discernment Committee:

Gail South, Susan Hughes, Kay DeCicco, Suzette Whiting,
Janine Kleber, Rich Vaughan, Larry Peacock, Judy Hamilton,
Bill Kehr, Rob Meyer, Rich Cashel, Barry Longenbach