Spiritual Discernment Is The Search To

Discover God’s Will For Us

Discernment Committee Report

Most recent events and next steps in the process:

1. Father Dan Hinkle has joined us as our Interim Priest.

2. The Committee and the Vestry were both participants in the Diocesan training on Anti-Racism.

3. Next official step is the Congregational Conversation to be lead by our consultant, Michael Redpath. This is for all congregation members to attend and engage in a discussion process that will help identify our key need factors and guide us in our search efforts for a new Rector. Please mark your calendars to attend the program after the 9:30 service on July 1, 2018.

4. All Discernment Committee members are reminded to attend the 9:30 service on July 1, 2018 for Father Dan’s consecration of our committee and our work.

5. Here is an excerpt from an article we placed in the bulletin about Discernment:

Christian discernment is not the same as decision making. Reaching a decision can be straightforward: we consider our goals and options; maybe we list the pros and cons of each possible choice; and then we choose the action that meets our goal most effectively. Discernment, on the other hand, is about listening and responding to that place within us where our deepest desires align with God’s desire. As discerning people, we sift through our impulses, motives, and options to discover which ones lead us closer to divine love and compassion for ourselves and other people and which ones lead us further away. Discernment reveals new priorities, directions, and gifts from God. We come to realize that what previously seemed so important for our lives loses its power over us. Our desire to be successful, well liked and influential becomes increasingly less important as we move closer to God’s heart. To our surprise, we even may experience a strange inner freedom to follow a new call or direction as previous concerns move into the background of our consciousness. We begin to see the beauty of the small and hidden life that Jesus lived in Nazareth. Most rewarding of all is the discovery that as we pray more each day, God’s will—that is, God’s concrete ways of loving us and our world—gradually is made known to us. [4]

[4] Henri Nouwen, Discernment: Reading the Signs of Daily Life (HarperOne: 2013), 17.  

Your Discernment Committee:

Gail South, Susan Hughes, Kay DeCicco, Suzette Whiting Janine Kleber, Rich Vaughan, Larry Peacock, Judy Hamilton Bill Kehr, Rob Meyer, Rich Cashel, Barry Longenbach

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents