The Episcopal Church of The Holy Innocents 

Atlantic City Rescue Mission 

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission is set apart by the Spirit of God to preach the Gospel and meet the physical, emotional and other basic needs (through the provision of shelter, clothing, food, counseling, referral and structured programs) of the poor and those who are bound and bruised by addictive lifestyles in Atlantic City and the surrounding communities.

Holy Innocents has provided much needed assistance to the Atlantic City Rescue Mission on an ongoing basis for several years. Items for women and men include toiletries, clothing, essential items for personal grooming and other necessities as they become known. Holy Innocents is committed to helping as many people as we can to recover and live new lives.

 Episcopal Church Women

If you are female and a member of the Episcopal Church you are already an ECW. Our mission is to assist and support the church in whatever capacity we can. Also, we endeavor to spread the word of the Lord. Your church secretary or ECW president, Suzette Whiting (609-492-2483), will be glad to put you in touch within whatever ministry activity you would enjoy.

Our Spring Game/Bridge Luncheon was another big success! Thank you to all our members and our Men’s Auxiliary for your hard work! We were able to send $500 checks to St. Francis Community Food Bank, Thistle Farms, Southern Ocean County Animal Shelter and Family Promise of Southern Ocean County. Our members once again made and delivered corsages and boutonnieres for Mothers Day and Fathers Day to residents of the Manahawkin Nursing Home.

There is a way to help some victims of slavery here in the United States. ​​Thistle Farms is a community of women who have survived prostitution, trafficking and addiction. They provide housing, healthcare, and therapy, at no cost, to women through their two-year residential program, Magdalene.

They also offer vocational training and income to residents and graduates through their social enterprise, which includes: a natural bath and body care line, the Thistle Stop Cafe, a paper and sewing workshop and a global initiative - Shared Trade.

Thistle Farms, founded by Becca Stevens, an Episcopal priest, in 1997, operates without government funding. They birthed a movement offering community-based healing and economic freedom for women. As the only flower on the streets where the women of Thistle Farms walked, the resilient thistle remains a powerful symbol for the community.

Thistle Farms stands as a witness that love is the most powerful force for change in the world. The ECW is selling Thistle Farm products.

For information contact Ruth McLaughlin ~ 492-8135 

​Suzette Whiting ~ President, ECW 

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