Lent begins on February 18th so our suppers will start on Thursday, February 22nd at 5:30p and continue thru Thursday, March 22nd . Please mark your calendars! More details to follow in the next Post.

Schedule for Dinner Hosting

2/22 ~ Hospitality

3/01 ~ Vestry

3/08 ~ ECW

3/15 ~ Sunday School

3/22 ~ Choir

3/29 ~ DoK 

February 4th is the SOUPER BOWL date this year.

We hope to see lots of choices of soups, breads, and cookies to serve during coffee hour that day.

As is our custom, we will have two soup kettles representing the two football teams that are playing in the NFL game later that day. Put your donation in the kettle of your chosen team. It’s been shown in the past that the most $’s collected in a team’s kettle will be the winning team that evening!

All donations collected during SOUPER BOWL coffee hour will be sent to HEIFER INTERNATIONAL. 


Sunday, January 14th after the service

The meeting is held in Martin Hall Refreshments will be served Our new vestry members will be sworn in and there’s sure to be some discussion on the transition! Please plan to attend! 

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents