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      Plead for the widow
            …Isaiah 1:17


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​​Weekly Prayer Needs 

These needs are really little stories from the field relating some of the things the International Justice Mission is working on. As we start a new year, I’d like to point out some of the ways IJM works with local authorities to bring peace, love and safety to thousands of poor people who live with the threats of violence every day.

Some of the things they do are not “stand-up-and-take-notice” events. Much of the work is done behind the scenes, aiming at long-term change instead of mind-boggling rescues. In Uganda, IJM has, for years, worked with local police, training them in methods of dealing with victims so they are seen as protectors, not oppressors.

When there is a rescue, IJM stays on the job, working with local authorities to help the victims heal and to provide support to local courts so that survivors can live without the fear of further abuse. The process IJM has developed is one of using modern data collection methods to analyze patterns of violence to prevent it before it can occur.

And it’s not all tireless work. The story from Thailand tells of celebrating the success of securing legal rights for thousands of stateless people, giving them hope that they could only dream of before.

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April 4, 2020~Corona in the Developing World

"But now as for what is inside you — be generous to the poor and everything will be clear for you."

– Luke 11:41

Africa & Europe

Please pray for our team in Kenya, as they're seeing an increase in the number of cases of police violence since a curfew was put into place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The team is currently looking into the heartbreaking case of a 13-year-old who was shot in Mathare who died early Tuesday morning. We have been able to put pressure on the government to hold police accountable along with our partners in the Police Reforms Working Group and we are seeing unprecedented response. The High Court has directed for a report to be filed on the conduct of police during the curfew, which will be published in the newspapers — they've been given 48 hours to follow the order. Pray for continued government action to stem the increase in police violence during the curfew enforcement.

Latin America

Pray for our ongoing efforts to empower law enforcement officials and prosecutors to best serve victims of violence in Guatemala as they work on their cases. Our team has hosted many in-person trainings for public justice system officials and is working to create a digital platform to enhance our mentorship efforts — please pray that this platform will increase our reach and allow these officials to receive training virtually.

South Asia

Please pray for IJM and our partners in South Asia to get government permission to serve vulnerable communities in this difficult season. With strict travel restrictions in place for COVID-19, many families in impoverished communities are suffering because they cannot find work. Many will go hungry or make risky decisions to survive. Pray that IJM and our grassroots partners would get special permission to travel during the lockdown, so that we can deliver food aid and hygiene kits to survivors and other vulnerable families.

Southeast Asia

We are praising God that in Cambodia, operationally, everything is running smoothly and staff were able to smoothly transition to remote work. Just last week, we asked you to praise God for the solid conviction and sentencing that was secured by this team right before courts shut down and trials were postponed. Please pray for the protection of clients in need of rescue and restoration, and for staff morale and continued engagement throughout this trying season of working remotely.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please pray for wisdom and good collaboration for IJM's Finance team as they work with auditors to complete our annual Financial Statement audit. A clean audit is of utmost importance to IJM as proof that we are being good stewards of the money that is entrusted to us. Please also pray for the team as they strive towards performing month-end close and standard finance and compliance responsibilities in the midst of operational challenges brought on by COVID-19.