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October 19, 2019

"Guard my life and rescue me; let me not be put to shame, for I take refuge in you."

– Psalm 25:20


Pray for Christine, a widow in Uganda who has been driven off her land by a neighbor. Despite Christine taking her neighbor to court and winning her case against him earlier this year, the man and his followers only escalated their violent attacks against Christine and her family. Pray for Christine's safety, for she and her family to be safely restored to their land and that the new court case would proceed smoothly and justice would be done.

Latin America

In 2017, we started walking with six boys, ages 9 to 14, who were victims of sexual abuse and exploitation in the Dominican Republic. We praised the Lord together when our team secured a 10-year sentence — the maximum sentence by law in the Dominican Republic for this crime — against their aggressor. We celebrated later in 2018 when most of the survivors finished their therapy process. Now, we are asking you to persevere in praying for the legal side of this case. By local laws, their aggressor has two opportunities to appeal his sentence. Praise God that the first time he appealed the judge decided to uphold the sentence, and please continue praying as the second appeal happens — pray that once again the sentence would be upheld and justice would prevail.

South Asia

Please pray for an ongoing case we're pursuing, involving two minor girls being sold for sex in a major city. Our team has been working with police to coordinate a rescue operation, but our first attempt fell through at the last minute. Pray we can find and rescue these girls quickly, and that police would be able to arrest the two suspected traffickers as well. Pray these two girls would not experience more violence as they are waiting for rescue.

Southeast Asia

Join us in thanking God for a series of anti-trafficking operations in the Eastern Visayas region of the Philippines, which brought five teenage victims and four at-risk children to safety. Five trafficking suspects have been arrested for allegedly offering the children for sexual exploitation online. Please pray for these nine children, who are now in the care of IJM social workers and the Department of Social Welfare and Development, and who are beginning the road to healing and restoration.

IJM HQ & Global Partners

IJM headquarters is located in the United States. IJM has international advancement offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Please pray that God would grant us favor during the Advocacy Summit in Washington, DC on October 21-22. Pray that IJM advocates would be able to move the hearts of their Congressional representatives, so that they will champion justice for women and children in Central America.

The Episcopal Church of The Holy Innocents' 

      Plead for the widow
            …Isaiah 1:17

Weekly Prayer Needs 

These needs are really little stories from the field relating some of the things the International Justice Mission is working on. As we start a new year, I’d like to point out some of the ways IJM works with local authorities to bring peace, love and safety to thousands of poor people who live with the threats of violence every day.

Some of the things they do are not “stand-up-and-take-notice” events. Much of the work is done behind the scenes, aiming at long-term change instead of mind-boggling rescues. In Uganda, IJM has, for years, worked with local police, training them in methods of dealing with victims so they are seen as protectors, not oppressors.

When there is a rescue, IJM stays on the job, working with local authorities to help the victims heal and to provide support to local courts so that survivors can live without the fear of further abuse. The process IJM has developed is one of using modern data collection methods to analyze patterns of violence to prevent it before it can occur.

And it’s not all tireless work. The story from Thailand tells of celebrating the success of securing legal rights for thousands of stateless people, giving them hope that they could only dream of before.

Check back every week for more good news.