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The Passion According to Mark


NARRATOR ~                                              HIGH PRIEST ~

CHIEF PRIEST ~                                          SERVANT GIRL ~

DISCIPLE ~                                                   BYSTANDER ~

JESUS ~                                                         PILATE ~

PETER ~                                                         CROWD ~ Congregation

JUDAS ~                                                        SOLDIERS ~

ACCUSER ~                                                  CENTURION ~


The congregation remaining seated, the Passion Gospel is read in parts

 led by a narrator who begins by saying:


The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Saint Mark.

NARRATOR:      It was two days before the Passover and the festival of Unleavened Bread. The chief priests and the scribes were looking for a way to arrest Jesus by stealth and kill him; for they said,

CHIEF PRIEST:   "Not during the festival, or there may be a riot among the people."

NARRATOR:      While he was at Bethany in the house of Simon the leper, as he sat at the table, a woman came with an alabaster jar of very costly ointment of nard, and she broke open the jar and poured the ointment on his head. But some were there who said to one another in anger,

DISCIPLE:           "Why was the ointment wasted in this way? For this ointment could have been sold for more than three hundred denarii, and the money given to the poor."

NARRATOR:      And they scolded her. But Jesus said,

JESUS:                "Let her alone; why do you trouble her? She has performed a good service for me. For you always have the poor with you, and you can show kindness to them whenever you wish; but you will not always have me. She has done what she could; she has anointed my body beforehand for its burial. Truly I tell you, wherever the good news is proclaimed in the whole world, what she has done will be told in remembrance of her."





NARRATOR:      Then Judas Iscariot, who was one of the twelve, went to the chief priests in order to betray him to them. When they heard it, they were greatly pleased, and promised to give him money. So he began to look for an opportunity to betray him.

                   On the first day of Unleavened Bread, when the Passover lamb is sacrificed, his disciples said to him,

DISCIPLE:           "Where do you want us to go and make the preparations for you to eat the Passover?"

NARRATOR:      So he sent two of his disciples, saying to them,

JESUS:                "Go into the city, and a man carrying a jar of water will meet you; follow him, and wherever he enters, say to the owner of the house, `The Teacher asks, Where is my guest room where I may eat the Passover with my disciples?' He will show you a large room upstairs, furnished and ready. Make preparations for us there."

NARRATOR:      So the disciples set out and went to the city, and found everything as he had told them; and they prepared the Passover meal.

                   When it was evening, he came with the twelve. And when they had taken their places and were eating, Jesus said,

JESUS:                "Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me, one who is eating with me."

NARRATOR:      They began to be distressed and to say to him one after another,

DISCIPLE:           "Surely, not I?"

NARRATOR:      He said to them,

JESUS:                "It is one of the twelve, one who is dipping bread into the bowl with me. For the Son of Man goes as it is written of him, but woe to that one by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been better for that one not to have been born."

NARRATOR:      While they were eating, he took a loaf of bread, and after blessing it he broke it, gave it to them, and said,

JESUS:                 "Take; this is my body."

NARRATOR:      Then he took a cup, and after giving thanks he gave it to them, and all of them drank from it. He said to them,


JESUS:                "This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many. Truly I tell you, I will never again drink of the fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new in the kingdom of God."

NARRATOR:      When they had sung the hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives. And Jesus said to them,

JESUS:                "You will all become deserters; for it is written, `I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered.' But after I am raised up, I will go before you to Galilee."

NARRATOR:      Peter said to him,

PETER:                "Even though all become deserters, I will not."

NARRATOR:      Jesus said to him,

JESUS:                "Truly I tell you, this day, this very night, before the cock crows twice, you will deny me three times."

NARRATOR:      But he said vehemently,

PETER:                "Even though I must die with you, I will not deny you."

NARRATOR:      And all of them said the same.They went to a place called Gethsemane; and he said to his disciples,

JESUS:                 "Sit here while I pray."

NARRATOR:      He took with him Peter and James and John, and began to be distressed and agitated. And said to them,

JESUS:                "I am deeply grieved, even to death; remain here, and keep awake."

NARRATOR:      And going a little farther, he threw himself on the ground and prayed that, if it were possible, the hour might pass from him. He said,

JESUS:                "Abba, Father, for you all things are possible; remove this cup from me; yet, not what I want, but what you want."

NARRATOR:      He came and found them sleeping; and he said to Peter,

JESUS:                "Simon, are you asleep? Could you not keep awake one hour? Keep awake and pray that you may not come into the time of trial; the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak."

NARRATOR:      And again he went away and prayed, saying the same words. And once more he came and found them sleeping, for their eyes were very heavy; and they did not know what to say to him. He came a third time and said to them,

JESUS:                "Are you still sleeping and taking your rest? Enough! The hour has come; the Son of Man is betrayed into the hands of sinners. Get up, let us be going. See, my betrayer is at hand."

NARRATOR:      Immediately, while he was still speaking, Judas, one of the twelve, arrived; and with him there was a crowd with swords and clubs, from the chief priests, the scribes, and the elders. Now the betrayer had given them a sign, saying,

JUDAS:               "The one I will kiss is the man; arrest him and lead him away under guard."

NARRATOR:      So when he came, he went up to him at once and said,

JUDAS:                "Rabbi!"

NARRATOR:      and kissed him. Then they laid hands on him and arrested him. But one of those who stood near drew his sword and struck the slave of the high priest, cutting off his ear. Then Jesus said to them,

JESUS:                "Have you come out with swords and clubs to arrest me as though I were a bandit? Day after day I was with you in the temple teaching, and you did not arrest me. But let the scriptures be fulfilled."

NARRATOR:      All of them deserted him and fled.

                   A certain young man was following him, wearing nothing but a linen cloth. They caught hold of him, but he left the linen cloth and ran off naked.

                   They took Jesus to the high priest; and all the chief priests, the elders, and the scribes were assembled. Peter had followed him at a distance, right into the courtyard of the high priest; and he was sitting with the guards, warming himself at the fire. Now the chief priests and the whole council were looking for testimony against Jesus to put him to death; but they found none. For many gave false testimony against him, and their testimony did not agree. Some stood up and gave false testimony against him, saying,

ACCUSER:         "We heard him say, `I will destroy this temple that is made with hands, and in three days I will build another, not made with hands.'"

NARRATOR:      But even on this point their testimony did not agree. Then the high priest stood up before them and asked Jesus,

HIGH PRIEST:    "Have you no answer? What is it that they testify against you?"

NARRATOR:      But he was silent and did not answer. Again the high priest asked him,

HIGH PRIEST:    "Are you the Messiah, the Son of the Blessed One?"

NARRATOR:      Jesus said,

JESUS:                "I am; and `you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Power,' and `coming with the clouds of heaven.'"

NARRATOR:      Then the high priest tore his clothes and said,

HIGH PRIEST:    "Why do we still need witnesses? You have heard his blasphemy! What is your decision?"

NARRATOR:      All of them condemned him as deserving death. Some began to spit on him, to blindfold him, and to strike him, saying to him,

ACCUSER:           "Prophesy!"

NARRATOR:      The guards also took him over and beat him.

                   While Peter was below in the courtyard, one of the servant-girls of the high priest came by. When she saw Peter warming himself, she stared at him and said,

SERVANT GIRL:          "You also were with Jesus, the man from Nazareth."

NARRATOR:      But he denied it, saying,

PETER:                "I do not know or understand what you are talking about."

NARRATOR:      And he went out into the forecourt. Then the cock crowed. And the servant-girl, on seeing him, began again to say to the bystanders,

SERVANT GIRL:          "This man is one of them."

NARRATOR:      But again he denied it. Then after a little while the bystanders again said to Peter,

BYSTANDER:    "Certainly you are one of them; for you are a Galilean."

NARRATOR:      But he began to curse, and he swore an oath,

PETER:                "I do not know this man you are talking about."

NARRATOR:      At that moment the cock crowed for the second time. Then Peter remembered that Jesus had said to him,

JESUS:                 "Before the cock crows twice, you will deny me three times."

NARRATOR:      And he broke down and wept.

                            As soon as it was morning, the chief priests held a consultation with the elders and scribes and the whole council. They bound Jesus, led him away, and handed him over to Pilate. Pilate asked him,

PILATE:               "Are you the King of the Jews?"

NARRATOR:      He answered him,

JESUS:                 "You say so."

NARRATOR:      Then the chief priests accused him of many things. Pilate asked him again,

PILATE:              "Have you no answer? See how many charges they bring against you."

NARRATOR:      But Jesus made no further reply, so that Pilate was amazed.

                   Now at the festival he used to release a prisoner for them, anyone for whom they asked. Now a man called Barabbas was in prison with the rebels who had committed murder during the insurrection. So the crowd came and began to ask Pilate to do for them according to his custom. Then he answered them,

PILATE:               "Do you want me to release for you the King of the Jews?"

NARRATOR:      For he realized that it was out of jealousy that the chief priests had handed him over. But the chief priests stirred up the crowd to have him release Barabbas for them instead. Pilate spoke to them again,

PILATE:              "Then what do you wish me to do with the man you call the King of the Jews?"

NARRATOR:      They shouted back,

CROWD:              "Crucify him!"

NARRATOR:      Pilate asked them,

PILATE:               "Why, what evil has he done?"

NARRATOR:      But they shouted all the more,

CROWD:              "Crucify him!"



NARRATOR:      So Pilate, wishing to satisfy the crowd, released Barabbas for them; and after flogging Jesus, he handed him over to be crucified.

                   Then the soldiers led him into the courtyard of the palace (that is, the governor's headquarters); and they called together the whole cohort. And they clothed him in a purple cloak; and after twisting some thorns into a crown, they put it on him. And they began saluting him,

SOLDIERS:                   "Hail, King of the Jews!"

NARRATOR:      They struck his head with a reed, spat upon him, and knelt down in homage to him. After mocking him, they stripped him of the purple cloak and put his own clothes on him. Then they led him out to crucify him.

(At the mention of Golgotha, all stand as able.)

        They compelled a passer-by, who was coming in from the country, to carry his cross; it was Simon of Cyrene, the father of Alexander and Rufus. Then they brought Jesus to the place called Golgotha (which means the place of a skull). And they offered him wine mixed with myrrh; but he did not take it. And they crucified him, and divided his clothes among them, casting lots to decide what each should take.

It was nine o'clock in the morning when they crucified him. The inscription of the charge against him read, "The King of the Jews." And with him they crucified two bandits, one on his right and one on his left. Those who passed by derided him, shaking their heads and saying,

BYSTANDER:    "Aha! You who would destroy the temple and build it in three days, save yourself, and come down from the cross!"

NARRATOR:      In the same way the chief priests, along with the scribes, were also mocking him among themselves and saying,

CHIEF PRIEST:   "He saved others; he cannot save himself. Let the Messiah, the King of Israel, come down from the cross now, so that we may see and believe."

NARRATOR:      Those who were crucified with him also taunted him.

                   When it was noon, darkness came over the whole land until three in the afternoon. At three o'clock Jesus cried out with a loud voice,

JESUS:                 "Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?"

NARRATOR:      which means,

JESUS:                 "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

NARRATOR:      When some of the bystanders heard it, they said,

BYSTANDER:    "Listen, he is calling for Elijah."

NARRATOR:      And someone ran, filled a sponge with sour wine, put it on a stick, and gave it to him to drink, saying,

BYSTANDER:    "Wait, let us see whether Elijah will come to take him down."

NARRATOR:      Then Jesus gave a loud cry and breathed his last. And the curtain of the temple was torn in two, from top to bottom. Now when the centurion, who stood facing him, saw that in this way he breathed his last, he said,

CENTURION:     "Truly this man was God's Son!"

NARRATOR:      There were also women looking on from a distance; among them were Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James the younger and of Joses, and Salome. These used to follow him and provided for him when he was in Galilee; and there were many other women who had come up with him to Jerusalem.

                   When evening had come, and since it was the day of Preparation, that is, the day before the sabbath, Joseph of Arimathea, a respected member of the council, who was also himself waiting expectantly for the kingdom of God, went boldly to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. Then Pilate wondered if he were already dead; and summoning the centurion, he asked him whether he had been dead for some time. When he learned from the centurion that he was dead, he granted the body to Joseph. Then Joseph bought a linen cloth, and taking down the body, wrapped it in the linen cloth, and laid it in a tomb that had been hewn out of the rock. He then rolled a stone against the door of the tomb. Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses saw where the body was laid.




The Bible text is from the New Revised Standard Version Bible,

 copyright 1989 by the Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ

 in the USA, and used by permission.


The Liturgy of The Word 
and Communion from The Reserved Sacrament

22 April 2018, being The Fourth Sunday of Easter half past nine o’clock in the morning

Good morning and welcome. We’re glad you’re here. Our custom is to listen for God in silence as we prepare to worship. During Church, we listen for God in the Liturgy, and after Church, we listen for God in fellowship with one another. Please join us. 

The words and music for the service are found in The Hymnal 1982 and The Book of Common Prayer 1979. Please ask a neighbor for help if you’re confused. We take a lot of this for granted, and we don’t want you to be “out in the cold” if you’re learning to worship with us. 

The Episcopal Church practices open Communion, which means that if you are a Christian- Episcopalian or not- you are welcomed to receive Communion. This is God’s House, and it is our privilege to be hospitable. 

Perhaps you are a person who has not been regular in attending Church before, or you’ve been away from the Church for a while. You are especially welcomed. When you are comfortable here, and ready to talk about becoming a member of The Episcopal Church, or if you want to start up/start over, please speak with our clergy- they’ll be glad to help. 

The vows of a deacon neither enumerate, imply nor anticipate presiding in the Eucharistic assembly; the liturgical presidency is intended for bishops, and in their absence is undertaken by priests. On rare occasion and for sufficient cause, however, it is permissible in the absence of any bishop or priest that deacons may preside by appointment of the Bishop Ordinary or the Rector. Today is such a day. Dr. Krom will preach, and will administer Communion from The Reserved Sacrament.                                                               

* indicates that the people are to stand as they are able



*Hymn  208 (H82)    Alleluia! The strife is o'er    Victory
*The Opening Sentence                                 BCP 79, pg. 355

*The Collect for Purity                                                        355

*Gloria in excelsis  S-280

*The Collect for the Fourth Sunday of Easter

The Lessons, Psalm, & Gospel 

Acts 4:5-12

*Hymn  664 (H82)   My Shepherd will supply my need 


1 John 3:16-24

*Hymn  343 (H82)  Shepherd of souls, refresh and bless
         St. Agnes
*John 10:11-18
The Sermon                                             Deacon Judith Krom

*The Nicene Creed                                                             358

*The Prayers of the People, Form VI                                 392

*The Peace 

Administration Of Communion

From The Reserved Sacrament

Choral Anthem         “In This Holy Place”            arr. Wagner

Prayer                                                                                              274

The Lord’s Prayer                                                               364

The Communion of the Faithful

The Post Communion Prayer                                                         366

The Blessing

The Dismissal  S-175

*Hymn  390 (H82)      Praise to the Lord, the almighty 

  Lobe den Herren


Sunday, 22 April 2018, being

The Fourth Sunday of Easter 

O God, whose Son Jesus is the good shepherd of your people: Grant that when we hear his voice we may know him who calls us each by name, and follow where he leads; who, with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

The First Lesson  Acts 4:5-12

 The day after they had arrested Peter and John for teaching about Jesus and the resurrection, the rulers, elders, and scribes assembled in Jerusalem, with Annas the high priest, Caiaphas, John, and Alexander, and all who were of the high-priestly family. When they had made the prisoners stand in their midst, they inquired, "By what power or by what name did you do this?" Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, "Rulers of the people and elders, if we are questioned today because of a good deed done to someone who was sick and are asked how this man has been healed, let it be known to all of you, and to all the people of Israel, that this man is standing before you in good health by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God raised from the dead. This Jesus is `the stone that was rejected by you, the builders; it has become the cornerstone.'  There is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among mortals by which we must be saved."

This morning in place of the Psalm please join us in singing 

*Hymn  664 (H82)   My Shepherd will supply my need 


The Second Lesson  1 John 3:16-24 

We know love by this, that he laid down his life for us-- and we ought to lay down our lives for one another. How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help? Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. And by this we will know that we are from the truth and will reassure our hearts before him when-ever our hearts condemn us; for God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything. Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have boldness before God; and we receive from him whatever we ask, because we obey his commandments and do what pleases him. And this is his commandment, that we should believe in the name of his Son Jesus Christ and love one another, just as he has commanded us. All who obey his commandments abide in him, and he abides in them. And by this we know that he abides in us, by the Spirit that he has given us.


The Holy Gospel  John 10:11-18

Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand, who is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and runs away-- and the wolf snatches them and scatters them. The hired hand runs away because a hired hand does not care for the sheep. I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, just as the Father knows me and I know the Father. And I lay down my life for the sheep. I have other sheep that do not belong to this fold. I must bring them also, and they will listen to my voice. So there will be one flock, one shepherd. For this reason the Father loves me, because I lay down my life in order to take it up again. No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it up again. I have received this command from my Father."

2018 Spring Concert Series


Please join us for the two final concerts in our series!



Sunday ~ May 6, 4pm


Shelter From Ordinary Things


Lieding Ladies

Chloe Dondero, soprano,

Halley Feaster, cello

Spenser Prichard Gallo, piano



Sunday ~ June 10, 4pm


Let All The World In Every Corner Sing!


Capital Singers of Trenton

Vinroy D. Brown, Jr., director

Ellen J Dondero, assistant director



Free will offering ~ Reception after


All are welcome!


For more information please email

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The Lord Jesus Christ is The Head of The Church

and The Members of the Parish are Ministers


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