The Episcopal Church of The Holy Innocents 

A View of the Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden of Holy Innocents is located adjacent to the church and is open year round for the enjoyment of everyone in our community. The Columbarium and its surrounding garden were installed  between 1977 and 1979.  It was financed largely by donations from parishioners and community members. The Columbarium is in the shape of a cross divided into 748 niches each of which can hold the cremains of up to 3 persons. 

Barbara Bishop handles the administration of the Columbarium. Contracts for purchasing a niche are available in the church office and are not limited to church members. Any questions regarding purchasing or engraving of a niche should be referred to either Barbara ( or the church office. 

The garden is planted with a wide variety of trees, shrubs and both seasonal and perennial plants. Kelly and Jason of “the little plant company” work diligently to keep the garden looking beautiful and healthy. Kelly and Jason are scheduled for two visits per month beginning in the Spring and continuing through November. 

The concrete pots at the entrance to the garden and the church sanctuary are planted seasonally and Community Garden members, led by Joan Melega, have agreed to water them as needed. Volunteers are always wecome to assist in the maintenance of the garden. ​If you have an hour a week to weed or water pots for the Spring & Summer seasons, your help would be greatly appreciated. Please contact Rich Cashel ( 276-5155). 

 Regarding prayer, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray, sometimes near the olive trees. Did you know we have two different types of olive trees in our garden?  Take a moment to walk through the garden...Enjoy!