While many of the Sunday Coffee Hours are covered, there are some available dates. The schedule is on the bulletin board in the hall. Please sign up if you feel so inclined.

Our Coffee Hours are an opportune time to visit with friends and fellow parishioners and is especially important during the transition. Questions or concerns? Call, text or email me.

Thanks! Ellen Kehr ~ 814 598 4973 ~ bkehrfl@comcast.net

April Birthdays 

Katelynne Cowper 01

Carrigan Stokes V 01 Jacqueline Sparks 04

Bill Kehr 10

Fred Arrigo 11

Wesley Heilman III 13

Thomas Hughes 13

Chris Lyle 13

Launa Ruoff 13

Tino Andrade 14 J

udith Hamilton 15

Phil Flagler 16

Larry Peacock 17

Susan Wilson 17

Lisa Mack 20

Carroll Sheppard 20 

Charles Miller 23

Degnan 24

Marie Bregler 26

Roy Bray 27

Karin Mitchell 27 

April Anniversaries

Don & Linda Anderson 09 Kneeland & Suzette Whiting 12 Richard & Jeanne Cashel 28 


    God’s Blessings to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in January & February!

Birthdays If we have missed your birthday / anniversary, we apologize! PLEASE let us know by calling the office so that we may update our records. 

March Birthdays

Tommy Thomas 01

Mary Jane Mannherz 02

Lori Anderson 06

Gail Jacobsen 07

Diane Carter 10

Kingston Sparks 11

Kevin Sparks 14

Heidi Ferringo 15

Francis Kleber, III 15

Howard Dumhart 17

Margaret Sherwin 17

Margaret Aftanis 18

Adrienne Miller 20

Jim Bishop 21

Steven Miller 22

Erin Horleman 22

Peter Pierce 25

Joyce Hillyer 26

Jacob Peacock 27

Dorothy Taylor 28

Thomas Horleman 28

Frank McLaughlin 28

Sarah Angelozzi 28

Jessica Seaton 31 

March Anniversaries

Jo Anne Entrikin & Tino Andrade 17 Lindsey & Philip Bok 29 

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

The following parishioners have graciously volunteered to assist with our worship and/or have donated either candles or flowers for the altar for the months of March & April







4th - Ginny Nicholas, Jackie Sparks

11th - Cindy Longenbach, Ruth McLaughlin

18th - Melissa Wall, Diane Entrikin

25th - Jackie Sparks, Ginny Nicholas  


4th - Jeanne Cashel, Rich Cashel

11th - Kay DeCicco, Judy Hamilton

18th - JoAnne Bray, Suzette Whiting

25th - Joni Bakum, Ruth McLaughlin 


1st -

8th -

15th -

22nd - The Cashels

29th -  


1st - Jackie Sparks, Melissa Wall, Diane Entrikin

8th - Carol Hammond, Floss Boulden

15th - Chris Burlaga, Diane Entrikin

22nd - Cindy Longenbach, Ginny Nicholas

29th - JoAnne Bray, Melissa Wall  


1st - Jeanne Cashel, Kay DeCicco

8th - Bill Kehr, Judy Hamilton

15th - Joni Bakum, Rob Meyer

22nd - JoAnne Bray, Bill Kehr

29th - Joni Bakum, Kay DeCicco 

If you are able to volunteer as an usher at anytime during the months of March and April please contact

Rob Meyer at 609 618-3914 or rmeyer1394@aol.com