The Episcopal Church of The Holy Innocents 

There are still opportunities available for you to join in the loving practice of making contributions towards Flowers, Altar Candle Oil, or Sanctuary Candles to celebrate a special birthday or occasion, to honor someone special,  or to remember family and friends who are no longer with us. 
These are weekly opportunities. Those contributing and  those remembered will be recognized in the specified Sunday Bulletin. 
The 2019 calendar for Altar Donations is available in the ambulatory  between the sanctuary and Martin Hall. 
$40 for a container of flowers $10 for the Sanctuary Candle $5 for the Altar Candle Oil 

Congregational Access of Membership Database

Our new church membership database is now up and running.

A very helpful feature is that Church Members can access their personal data and update it, add and correct their personal information. (You can not access anyone else's information.)

This assumes that we have your correct email address entered. Church members will also be able to access a Calendar of Events and a Church Directory on line.

     Here is how you can access your data, the calendar and directory. Enter (copy and paste) the following address in your search bar.


Note: There is an Underscore between "member" and "access". Then following directions to get your Passcode. Contact the Church Office if you have questions or difficulty.