We have spent a lot of time talking here about human trafficking, but that is not the only mission of IJM. The February issue of National Geographic features an article describing the plight of widows around the world who cannot find justice. It includes the story of a Ugandan woman whose justice came with the help of IJM. It's a wonderful story.

Hope you enjoy it.

There is also an accompanying video

Submitted Gail South, Parishioner 

July Birthdays

Bill Cowper 04

Carmen Mack 08

Andrew Goddard 09

Suzette Whiting 09

Jimmy Payne 11

Charles Steinmann 12

Edna Seitz 13

Kay DeCicco 14

Marilyn Thomas 14

Gerald Markoski 15

Virginia Leiss 17

Patricia Peacock 17

Marilyn Flagler 18

Chuck Hall 19

David Mitchell 19

Alan Lee 20

Cindy Longenbach 21

Lydia Crumbaugh 22

Kris Anderson 27

Andrew Boyle 28

John Johnson 29

Linda Lyle 29

Lyn Cranmer 31  

July Anniversaries

Woody & Jo Kiel 06

Terry & Diana Shoenbach 24


Thanks to the efforts of Anita Miller and the LBI Health Department, Health Promotion Clinics will be offered in Martin Hall on May 24, June 28, July 26, and August 23, between 10am and 11am. Blood Pressure Screening and Risk Assessment will be offered.

This is a free service and is available to the entire community. Please come and bring a friend. Learn how to become healthy and stay healthy. God bless-Chuck Hall


As many of you know, we have been live-streaming our Sunday services to the internet. We would like to upgrade our camera but don't know much about camcorders.

Is there anyone out there who has a camcorder they would be willing to let us borrow for a week or two to try and improve our understanding.

Please contact Gail South ( or Kim Sparks ( if you can help. Thank you! 

August Birthdays 

Emily Mrazek 01

Janine Enos-Kleber 02

Marley Lynn Boyle 06

Robert Aljoe 08

Marjorie Liesenfeld 09

Charles Nicholas 12

Barbara Wheeler 12

Carmen Mack, Jr. 13

Ke’lani Anastasi 15

Stokes Carrigan III 15

Mary Jo Martin 15

Mary Lou Krewson 16

Owen Vaughan 17

Will Vaughan 17

Chris Burlaga 22

Jeanne Cashel 23

Barry Longenbach 25 

Stacey Goddard 26

Ellen J. Meyer 26

Joseph Mrazek 26

Virginia Gottshall 30

Tom Jacobsen 30

Mary Brown 31​

August Anniversaries

Pete & Mary Lee Pierce 06 Frank Crumbaugh & Gretchen Zimmerman 11

Jay & Lyn Cranmer 15

Tony & Joni Bakum 19

Bill & Ellen Kehr 22

Chuck & Marjorie Hall 29  

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 


    God’s Blessings to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in July & August!

Birthdays If we have missed your birthday / anniversary, we apologize! PLEASE let us know by calling the office so that we may update our records. 

The following parishioners have graciously volunteered to assist with our worship and/or have donated either candles or flowers for the altar for the months of March and April


  7th - Melissa Wall

14th -

21st -

28th - 


 7th - Floss Boulden & JoAnne Bray

14th - Jackie Sparks & Ruth McLaughlin

21st - Carol Hammond & Melissa Wall

28th - Jackie Sparks & Floss Boulden  


7th - Jeanne & Rich Cashel

14th - Kay De Cicco & Judy Hamilton

21st - Joni Bakum & Suzette Whiting

28th - Ruth McLaughlin & Rob Meyer  

MAY USHERS Volunteers appreciated

 4th -

11th -

18th - Melissa Wall

25th -  


 4th - Ruth McLaughlin & Carol Hammond

11th - Melissa Wall & JoAnne Bray

18th - Cindy Longenbach & Diane Entrikin

25th - Ginny Nicholas & Carol Hammond 


 4th - Jeanne & Rich Cashel

11th - Kay De Cicco & Judy Hamilton

18th - Bill Kehr & Suzette Whiting

25th - Jeanne & Rich Cashel  

JUNE USHERS Volunteers needed  

If you are able to volunteer as an usher at anytime during the months of January or February please contact

Rob Meyer at 609 618-3914 or