The following parishioners have graciously volunteered to assist with our worship and/or have donated either candles or flowers for the altar for the months of September & October


5th -

12th -

19th - The McLaughlins

26th - The Whitings


5th - Carol Hammond, Chris Burlaga

11th - Jackie Sparks

12th - Jackie Sparks, Ruth McLaughlin

19th - Carol Hammond, Cindy Longenbach

26th - Jackie Sparks, Melissa Wall



5th - Jeanne Cashel, Rich Cashel

12th - Joni Bakum, Rob Meyer

19th - Bill Kehr, Suzette Whiting

26th - Joni Bakum, Judy Hamilton 

NOVEMBER USHERS Volunteers appreciated


3rd -

10th -

17th - Jeanne Cashel, Jane Enos

24th -

31st -



3rd - Ruth McLaughlin, Jackie Sparks

10th - Floss Boulden, Carol Hammond

16th - 9:30a ~ All hands on deck to clean & polish

17th - Jackie Sparks, Chris Burlaga

24th - Jackie Sparks, Cindy Longenbach, Melissa Wall

25th - Jackie Sparks

31st - Diane Entrikin, Carol Hammond 


3rd - Bill Kehr, Suzette Whiting

10th - Joni Bakum, Ruth McLaughlin

17th - JoAnne Bray, Judy Hamilton

24th - 4:30p Rob Meyer, Judy Hamilton

24th - 8:00p Joni Bakum, JoAnne Bray

31st - Jeanne Cashel, Rich Cashel  

DECEMBER USHERS Volunteers needed

If you are able to volunteer as an usher at anytime during the months of September or October please contact

Rob Meyer at 609 618-3914 or 

November Birthdays

Britton Carrigan 01

Frank Payne 04

Karen Vaughan 07

Michael DeCicco 11

Jo Kiel 11

Tammy Harrison 15

Cliff Wymbs 17

Brian Cashel 18

Johnny Dondero 18

Richie Southwick 20

John Walton III 22

James “Woody” Kiel 25

Cornie Walton 25

Carl Sheppard 27 

November Anniversaries

Charlie & Ginny Nicholas 06

Tommy & Marilyn Thomas 17

Frank & Ruth McLaughlin 23

Thank you to all my friends from Holy Innocents for your prayers and thoughtfulness by coming to see me so often and helping to make my days go faster. I still have a long way to go, but I am working hard to get back to the choir and walk down the aisle again.

Love, Marie (Bregler) 

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 


    God’s Blessings to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in November & December!

Birthdays If we have missed your birthday / anniversary, we apologize! PLEASE let us know by calling the office so that we may update our records. 

If you would like to memorialize loved ones with a donation toward Christmas Flowers, kindly send your donation to the church office or place it in the Sunday collection plate.

Forms will be available in the Sunday bulletins the first 3 Sundays of December. Make sure the donor and recipient names are clearly written and please note “Altar Guild-Christmas” in the check memo.

All donations must be in the office by Monday, December 18th. 


We are now accepting your year-end reports!

Our Annual Congregational Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 14, 2018.

We all get very busy and schedules are hectic! The church office is not immune to the “busyness” of the season so if you’d like to check off one of your year-end commitments early, please submit your report as soon as your schedule permits. Reports are due in the office no later than Monday, December 18, 2017!

Please email your report to

Thank you for your anticipated promptness and attention to this matter!  

December Birthdays 

Marjorie Anderson 02

Nancy Steinmann 09

Ruth McLaughlin 10

Samuel Crumbaugh 11

Francis W. Kleber IV 13

Caitlin Bakum-Edelstein 14 Bruce Hillyer 14

Rich Cashel 15

Meg Neff 16

JoAnne Bray 17

Colette Southwick 17

Olivia Mrazek 25

Florence Boulden 26

Carol Hammond 29 

December Anniversaries

Jeff & Caitlin Edelstein 01 Thomas & Gail Jacobsen 09