The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

While many of the Sunday Coffee Hours are covered, there are some available dates. The schedule is on the bulletin board in the hall. Please sign up if you feel so inclined.

Our Coffee Hours are an opportune time to visit with friends and fellow parishioners and is especially important during the transition. Questions or concerns? Call, text or email me.

Thanks! Ellen Kehr ~ 814 598 4973 ~

February Birthdays 

Kimberly Sparks 02

Maria Mack 02

Philip Boulden 05

Jane Bachman 06

Chris Boyle 06

Kathleen Lyle 07

Ellen Jane Dondero 08

Diana Shoenbach 08

Linda Anderson 11

Anita Miller 11

Noah Dondero 12

David Hunter 13

Joe Johnson 17

Edward Miller 21

Gabriella Vaughan 21

Tony Bakum 22

Veronica Ruoff 24 

Connie Anderson 26

John Dondero 26

Sherry Johnson 26

Delaney Mrazek 27

Robert Kortvelesy 27

JoAnne Andrade 28

Bruce Zimmerman 28

Barry Baxter 29 ​

February Anniversaries

Fran & Janine Kleber 09

Kevin & Lara Sparks 18

Bruce & Thelma Schoenfeld 21 Phil & Marilyn Flagler 22 Robert & Ellen Meyer 26 


Last January, Father Frank became the inaugural member of Holy Innocents newly formed Birthday Club. Because we are very lucky to live on our beloved Long Beach Island and our struggles are minimal compared to those of others as is evidenced by the families we supported this past Christmas on our Giving Tree, we would like to be able to give some financial support to others in need.

It is in that spirit that the Birthday Club was formed. Each birthday represents another year that God has given us. Instead of waiting for others to celebrate us, this is an opportunity to celebrate and thank Him for the gift of another year. We collected over $2100 this past year from some very “young”, generous celebrants! We sent $1000 to the International Justice Mission and the rest of the money has been dispersed locally. Membership is simple. Look for a birthday card from Holy Innocents prior to your big day. Enclosed will be a note about the club and an envelope to place in the offering plate. Please consider donating $1 dollar for each year of life you have been given. If you are blessed to have been given many years, please give what you can. The Birthday Club supports Holy Innocents and all its missions.

Thank you, Kim Sparks

“For by me your days will be multiplied, and years of life will be added to you.” ~ Proverbs 9:11 


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Holy Innocents for their support of the work of the International Justice Mission this year. We can be very proud of the sacrifices we have made to join the fight against victimization of the poor, especially in the areas of human trafficking and violence against the less fortunate.

Violence is an everyday threat to the poor. It’s as much a part of daily life as hunger, disease or homelessness. Established laws are rarely enforced in the developing world—so criminals continue to rape, enslave, traffic and abuse the poor without fear. The International Justice Mission believes everyone deserves to be safe. Their global team has spent nearly 20 years on the front lines fighting some of the worst forms of violence, and they are proving that their model works. IJM partners with local authorities to rescue victims of violence, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen justice systems.

They have rescued more than 34 thousand people from oppression, trained over 46,000 local officials, and are helping to protect more than 21 million people from violence.

Gail South



    God’s Blessings to everyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary in January & February!

Birthdays If we have missed your birthday / anniversary, we apologize! PLEASE let us know by calling the office so that we may update our records. 

January Birthdays

Braeden Anastasi 04

Stokes Carrigan IV 04

Kneeland Whiting 04

Thelma Schoenfeld 05

Frank Crumbaugh III 07

Amanda Harrison 07

Justin Dumhart 12

Judith Krom 13

Diane Entrikin 17

Margaret Rose Kleber 18

Richard Vaughan 18

Jane Arlin 19

Edith Dumhart 21

Bruce Schoenfeld 23

Susan Walls 26

Jonathon Goddard 30 


Barry & Nicole Baxter 22

Jerry & Gail South 22

Howard & Edith Dumhart 30 

The following parishioners have graciously volunteered to assist with our worship and/or have donated either candles or flowers for the altar for the months of January & February


7th -

14th - Diane Entrikin

21st - Deb Hunter

28th -


7th - Jackie Sparks, Diane Entrikin

14th - Carol Hammond, Cindy Longenbach

21st - Chris Burlaga, Melissa Wall

28th - Melissa Wall, JoAnne Bray  


7th - TBD

14th - Bill Kehr, Kay DeCicco

21st - Joni Bakum, Suzette Whiting

28th - Bill Kehr, Judy Hamilton 


4th -

11th - Joni Bakum

18th - Joni Bakum

25th - 


4th - Ruth McLaughlin, JoAnne Bray

11th - Carol Hammond, Ruth McLaughlin

14th - Ash Wednesday - Cindy Longenbach, Melissa Wall

18th - JoAnne Bray, Ruth McLaughlin

25th - Jackie Sparks, Diane Entrikin


4th - Jeanne Cashel, Rich Cashel

11th - JoAnne Bray, Rob Meyer

14th - Ash Wednesday - Joni Bakum

18th - JoAnne Bray, Rob Meyer

25th - Ruth McLaughlin, Judy Hamilton 

If you are able to volunteer as an usher at anytime during the months of January and February please contact

Rob Meyer at 609 618-3914 or 

The Tuesday morning Adult Study Group will meet for the last time on January 2nd .

The Holy Eucharist served on Wednesdays at noon has been discontinued.