The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 

The Parson's Place

Hello, may grace and peace be with you this day!

It is my great privilege to serve as Rector of Holy Innocents in mutual ministry with the vestry, ministry leaders, and every member of this congregation. I can feel that you are truly a community that honors its traditions and history, yet remains very open to the movement of the Holy Spirit. As I join Holy Innocents as your Rector and the community life here in Beach Haven, I want to shout out a MASSIVE thank you to all of you for your hospitality and warm greetings! The Rectory is a PALACE and I am grateful for the sweet sign, the flowers, towels, cleaning supplies, and more. I am overwhelmed with joy at being with you and in the next several weeks, I hope to get settled and meet everyone. I’d like to use the Rectory to host a monthly bible study, host the entire congregation for dinner in groups of ten each (sign-ups to come), etc. All this will begin on August 4th when we can share a coffee hour there together. I’ll be streamlining a few things, learning about our community, and introducing a few things such as offering private Confession, evenings of “Theology on Tap”, Healing services, and more as we grow together.

Transitions are not easy and I’d like you to know that I am available to chat, to pray with/for you, and to visit with you. You can reach me through email or phone:

Mobile – 504-390-5331

You can also always reach me through Lisa in the church office.

Here are some things I’ll share to help you get to know me:

- You can call me Mother Caroline, Mother Carson, Parson Carson, Rev. Carson, whatever you’re comfortable with.

- I love coffee!

- My heritage is Scottish, French Huguenot, and a splash of German.

- My Bluebell Kitty is 4 years old.

- My niece Suki is turning 5 this month and my nephew Jasper is 9.

- I love all the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Star Trek films and series

- I love to cook.

- Global partnerships and interactions are two of my passions.

- I love icons and hope to host someone to teach a class for the community on how to write icons and how we can integrate them into personal and corporate prayer

Be well!
​Mtr. Caroline