February 16, 2019 “I will sing of your love and justice; to you, O Lord, I will sing praise.” — Psalm 101:1


Last year, the IJM Team in Gulu, Uganda successfully completed a pilot project to address domestic violence, expanding on their past work in land theft to take on a greater breadth of cases involving violence against women and children. This year, they are beginning full-scale work in domestic violence. The staff feel well-prepared as they move forward, but know that the journey will not be easy. Please pray for them to have strength and steadiness to continue showing up for women who are being abused, and for wisdom and calm as they encounter challenges along the way.

Latin America

Praise God for the rescue of four teenagers from sex trafficking in the Dominican Republic. This operation was extremely dangerous, and we are giving thanks for God’s protection over all four survivors, our staff and local authorities. A man arrested in this operation is currently being investigated for sexually exploiting these teenagers. Pray for the survivors as they prepare to give their testimonies, which will provide key evidence to move their case forward in court. Pray for their peace and clarity of mind as they retell the horrors they had to face before their rescue.

South Asia

Please pray for an IJM partner seeking to rescue one man from an agricultural farm where he has been enslaved for 12 years. This man has been denied wages, adequate food and clothing — even in the winter. We also believe he has experienced physical abuse. Pray IJM can support this partner as they work with the government to rescue this man quickly and hold his abusers accountable.

Southeast Asia

Pray for the children that IJM and our law enforcement partners are searching for in the Philippines. There are young boys and girls who are being sexually exploited in the communities where they live, for an audience of customers around the world who are watching the abuse online. The Philippines government gets thousands of case referrals like this every month. Pray that IJM, the Philippine government, the Church and all of our partners would be able to find the children urgently in need of rescue, and that together we are able to make the Philippines a safer place for children who are vulnerable to this crime.

IJM HQ & Global Partners: IJM has partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the U.K.

Praise God for the advocates and abolitionists who mobilized for Shine a Light on Slavery Day earlier in February. Specifically, thank God for the college students across the country who emailed and tweeted their elected officials, asking them to support policies that will advance the fight against slavery. Pray for strong follow up with these officials, and that they would use their power and influence on behalf of vulnerable children, women and men around the world.

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