The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 


“It is understandable that churches across denominational lines are experiencing times of challenge and transition. Many of us remember the "peaceful days" when pews were full and going to church was something that "everyone" did. Some look back and wish for those times again. But is that realistic? We all know that today's world is colored with a different landscape. And yet the yearning for belonging, for community, for friends, for connecting to something bigger than ourselves, for being able to make a difference in the world and for a connection with the indescribable power of God still burns deeply within us.”(1) 

Being good Christian stewards means passing on a sense of belonging, of community, of friendship, of self worth and a connection with something bigger, (the power of God), to all those around us in what ever times we find ourselves.  

Chuck Hall, Chairman ~ Stewardship  ​

​(1)  "TRANSITIONS AND CHALLENGES" an article by Fr. Charles Cannon, St. Hilary’s Episcopal Church, Fort Myers, FL