The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 


“WHEW, I’m certainly glad that’s over. Now I can get back to normal.” This sentiment may be widely felt by many after Stewardship Sunday. Someone might actually ask us to account for what we have done with the gifts God has given us! Imagine if God only showed up and gave us His gifts one Sunday or weekend a year and then He disappeared and left us on our own with no food, nothing to drink, no sunshine, etc.?

I believe stewardship is what we do with the gifts and talents God gave us. Maybe the question we should ask ourselves each morning is, “What will I do today to live the stewardship calling through the many gifts I have received of which I am a mere steward on this earth?”

God gives us unconditional love and gifts every second of every day of our lives. Without His gifts we could not exist. The breath of oxygen you just inhaled and the lungs you used to process it to stay alive were both gifts from our Father. And yet, we sometimes hope our stewardship can be relegated to one Stewardship Sunday or a few hours helping where needed, but stewardship is more, and we can live it daily. Everything we have is a gift from God and these gifts are ours for the limited time we are here on this earth. And yet, sometimes we forget that what we do with these gifts every second, minute, hour and day of our life is important. It isn’t just about writing a check. It is about demonstrating every day that we understand what our responsibility is with respect to all the gifts we have received.

“Stewardship is what a person does, after saying, ‘I believe’ as proof of that belief.” (Oriented Leadership, Benjamin Williams) We all like to talk and tell folks what “we believe.” But what have we done lately with the gifts God gave us? Our gifts include our talents, our time and, yes, our money. What have you done with the amazing thing that you do so spectacularly? Who in our Parish have you taught that thing that only you can do so well? When was the last time you brought your wit, wisdom, philosophy, coaching, fix-it skills or just loving care to one of our Parishioners (or a total stranger) who was afraid, confused, lost, sick, suffering, hungry, thirsty, in prison, or just in need? There is only one thing keeping you from being the incredible steward you are capable of becoming. And that one thing is You. I know you are busy. So is everyone else. But every day of your life, among the many gifts God gives you each moment, are two very big ones. The first, is the gift of 24 hours. And the second, is the gift of free will to decide what you will do with the first gift. It is up to you. As we have all told our children at one time or another: “you are the boss of you.”

May God bless you as you pursue your own unique journey. 

With Gratitude and Thanks,

Pat Peacock and Your Stewardship Committee