The Episcopal Church of the Holy Innocents 


Stewardship at Holy Innocents' is about to face a challenge it has not seen in twenty years. The announcement of Fr. Frank's retirement leaves us with an unknown future. Many churches have experienced a loss in attendance and even membership when a clergy person leaves. For some it may be a good excuse to not get up early on a Sunday morning; for others it is a devotion to the departing clergy member. Regardless of how we feel about Frank Crumbaugh, it is not he who is Holy Innocents, we are.

Holy Innocents must continue, and will under different leadership. It is at this point that we must exercise our stewardship more strongly through our pledge donations and the time and effort we give to insure that our parish and its ministries continue to thrive. Stewardship is defined as managing and caring for the affairs of another. That is us.

We are in the midst of our "New Consecration Sunday" campaign and we cannot allow the unknown to distract us from our responsibility at hand. We need to search ourselves and decide how important God's gifts and love have been in our lives and respond accordingly. It is our pledge that returns to God through our church and community, our true feeling of "thanks”.

Stewardship is not just a season or a person or even a church building; it is a way of life. 

Chuck Hall, Chairman ~ Stewardship  ​