"Think with the head, act with the heart"

“Think with the head, act with the heart”…good advice written on an anonymous post-it note stuck to the façade of The Grand Copthorne Hotel in Singapore on 14 June 2010….Project Post-It Note, and why the anonymous note got there, is another essay…. 

We are such gifted creatures. What we achieve as the best expression of our humanity, and what we are loathe to admit as our sinfulness springs directly from our understanding or misunderstanding, our use or misuse, of those very gifts.  

We have intellect- an extraordinary engine and storage place…our way to learn. We have a heart- the place that holds our deepest yearnings, our darkest fears, our brightest hopes. This post-it note suggests a connection between the two. 

Connecting the head and the heart is more challenging than it might seem at first, and it is in the faulty connections of head and heart that we find or create so much trouble for ourselves and others.



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