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Pentecost XVI

When God saw what they did, how they turned from their evil ways, God changed his mind about the calamity that he had said he would bring upon them; and he did not do it.[1] 

We do not want God to change His mind. It makes us nervous. Changing His mind implies that God’s rational powers and discerning judgments are malleable, and therefore perhaps weak and limited like ours. We are far more comfortable with God as the embodiment of a decision made. We prefer God in the mode of a star- the immovable, trustworthy, guiding point of light in an otherwise very dark night. We are unsettled to think that God might change His mind. We operate more confidently assuming that it is we who change our minds as we learn and discern ever more deeply what God has already decided and who God is. Like spiritual navigators, we base our movements in His constancy. And when we hear of God changing His mind, we, like navigators finding a channel marker that is moved or absent, conclude that God is not simply capricious, untrustworthy or undependable, but perhaps even dangerous to regard. Like children, when we see God change His mind, we are either 1) scared witless or 2) inspired to scheme, hoping to manipulate that changeability to our own advantage. We just seem to do a whole lot better when God doesn’t change His mind.

[1] Jonah 3:10  NRSV



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